About us

Dancing through motherhood

Active Mama has been born with the mission to bring all aspects of dance, fun and passion to mums and their little ones. With the cost of childcare and our busy lifestyles, we understand the difficulty to get the time to start something new, this is why Active Mama makes things easy for you and your family!
Active Mama will not only help broaden creativity and performance, but will also help cognitive behaviour for young children and give opportunities for the future!
Active Mama is the sister company of Active Dansa, a reputable dance school that first opened its doors in 2017 and has been successfully growing since, to inspire the new generation of dancers and performers.
Whilst using our extensive experience in dance teaching, we want to bring the benefits of dance to mothers who otherwise would find it difficult to exercise or simply want to try something new, or give themselves a second chance in dance and performance!
We have not only designed dance classes for adults but we also offer classes tailored to both you and your little one. This is so that, instead of watching your little one doing their classes, Active Mama classes are designed for both of you to benefit from some precious time together as well as staying active and being creative.
Whether it is jumping, skipping, galloping, dancing or playing fun games with your little one, you will be amazed at the physical, mental and emotional benefits.
This is guaranteed to be a class you will both love.

About me

My name is Mariona and I am a first time mum and a dance teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching different dance styles to students of all ages and abilities. I am the owner and creative director at Active Dansa. I am a fully qualified dance teacher and currently obtaining my Pre-Natal Yoga certification to be able to further support mums throughout their journey.

I have created Active Mama to help busy women discover the benefits of exercising through dance as well as being able to enjoy time with their little one. As a mum, I understand very well how hard it is to find time to take on a new hobby, keep healthy, bring my child to his own activities and have energy to play with him. Therefore, this is why I created Active Mama, because it is not only something I am very passionate about but because it is what I would love to have for myself and child as a mum.

More info about our team can be found here

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